About kerrie

Hi and welcome to my little wedding and newborn photography website, I hope you love my images.

I know this is where I am supposed to tell you all about me, but it's not 

about me, it's all about you. But just in case your wondering who is going to 

behind the camera on one of the biggest occasions of your life .. 

I am Kerrie a wife and mum to three gorgeous girls, one of them Layla often attends weddings with me too

and my youngest Kazia she's a budding videographer ..with little nudge from me LOL !!!

so suppose we can say we are a little family business too .

Watching the girls growing up so fast makes you realsie that it's not just the milestoness that matter,

but the small things that happen everyday that are important to record to capture and treasure forever.

I love to capture moments in your life and help make them picture memories to look at everyday.

I just LOVE weddings, everyone is just so happy and excited as the day unfolds and this is what 

I love to record the whole story of your day from giggling bridesmaids,make up and hair, glass of champagne

to recording every little detail you have carefully prepared for the big day right through to everyone partying away even the dad dancing

To me it's telling a story so in the years to come when you look back at your wedding photography images they tell a story....

Your story of your wedding day

Every wedding is unique, every story is unique ... and your unique too,because it's your story and your dreams  

My other big love is newborn photography, tiny little babies, gorgeous little newborns  

..Awwww their tiny toes,how they curl up when they are brand new .... just can't help but sneek little cuddles can you

Newborn photography capturing them so tiny is jst such a lovely job to be able to do .. thats why I just love my job so much .